Dunkin’ Donuts Capitalizes on Flexibility and Convenient Features

Dunkin’ Donuts has remained to be the most popular, convenient and affordable breakfast option not only in the Unites States but for the rest of the world where they are available. Although the company has already gained a comfortable place in the market, they are not sitting on their laurels. Every day for Dunkin’ Donuts is like the first day where everyone is out in search for a new product to introduce, new places to expand to and new gimmicks to entice the public.

Oreo and Chips Ahoy Flavors

Dunkin Donuts has recently introduced Oreo and Chips Ahoy flavored drinks and donuts in participating Dunkin Donuts stores throughout the country. Your favorite donut store has concocted Flavored Iced Coffees; iced coffee that features Oreo or Chips Ahoy cookie flavors, the Oreo and Chips Ahoy Coolatta Frozen Beverages; cookie flavored Coolatta frozen beverages made with real cookie mix-ins, the Chips Ahoy Crème Donut; a yeast shell filled with cookie dough flavored butter crème, frosted with chocolate icing and dipped in crumbled Chips Ahoy cookies. And the Chips Ahoy Crunch Donut; a yeast ring frosted with chocolate icing and dipped in crumbled Chips Ahoy cookies.

doughnuts seriesAs part of these treats promo campaign, Dunkin Donut is giving its patrons a chance to win special prizes by dunking a virtual Oreo or Chips Ahoy cookie. The virtual game is called “Dunkin’ Donuts’ Cookie Dunk Instant Win Game”. This contest is open until July 15, 2015 and you can play it by logging on to CookieDunkGame.com. Prizes for this contest include $3, $5 mGift, a JetBlue travel Certificate or entries into the Grand Prize Sweepstakes for four JetBlue travel certificates and a year’s worth of Dunkin’ Donut Iced Coffee.

Dunkin’ Donut in Sandusky, Ohio

Dunkin’ Donuts franchise agreement with Great Wolf Resorts has produced its fifth Dunkin’ Donuts store in its newest hotel at Sandusky, Ohio.

According to Chris Hammond, corporate director for food and beverage at Great Wolf Lodge, he was very pleased and glad that the new Dunkin’ Donuts’ store construction finished in time for the busy summer season. He further reports that guests love the convenience of grabbing coffee and snacks throughout the day.

Dunkin” Donuts is one of the fastfood chains that will work and blend well with the hotel business sector because of its flexibility in terms of space requirements. Since Dunkin’ Donuts is mainly selling only coffee and donuts, it can easily be fitted in any portion of the hotel’s floor plan, specifically in areas where there is heavy guest traffic. Dunkin’ Donut coffee can even be presented in self-serve fashion. As far as donut baking equipment is concerned, they can be incorporated in the hotel kitchen and donuts can just be refilled every time a flavor is falling short of supply in the display area.

Dunkin’ Donut franchise support department can always work things out with the hotel management in how to best operate a hotel based Dunkin’ Donut franchises store.

Dunkin’ Donuts Delivery

Meanwhile at Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters, the brand is considering the possibility of providing mobile ordering and delivery services. Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis confirms that the brand is indeed working towards making this move and that they are already privately testing the on-demand service and will probably conduct public test towards the end of 2015 in preparation for a possible launching of the service about the same time next year.

At risk of being skeptical about the idea, the real question here will revolve around the cost of the service. Other fastfood companies are selling full meals at considerable cost that could compensate for the extra labor and petrol cost of delivery but for a cup of coffee and a piece of donut, one can only wonder how they are going to do the math. Of course, it is still unclear whether there is going to be a charge for the delivery service or if there will be a minimum worth of orders to merit free delivery. Maybe these are the things Dunkin’ Donuts is still working on. Of course, we can expect some comments about this service promoting laziness for people who need the actual exercise to go Dunkin’ Donuts for their coffee but, no one can argue that this will be exceptionally convenient during the winter months.

Donut Promo in Bangkok

Meanwhile in Bangkok, Bualuang Bank and the local Dunkin’ Donut franchise is encouraging the bank’s depositors to enroll in their electronic banking services by entitling everyone you enrolls and logs in with a free donut coupon through SMS. This promo will last until November 30, 2015.

One of the best things about Dunkin’ Donuts is that their product of coffee and donuts is so easy to fit in any other promotional venture. Everyone loves coffee and donuts. Of course, there are health issues about its processed sugar contents but then again, the presentation of the donut looks much less harmful than a full sized cheeseburger.

Aside from the donut’s and coffee’s multicultural appeal they are also the cheapest food giveaways among the substantial choices. This will work well for any company’s Budget.

As we said in the beginning, coffee and donuts will always be the most popular and convenient complete meal combo and that is why Dunkin’ Donuts is capitalizing on this flexibility. Dunkin’ Donuts is practically everywhere because they simply could be.

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