Dunkin’ Announces Return of Girl Scout Coffee Flavors for 2020

There’s only one way to get over the post-holiday slump that follows Christmas and New Years – and that’s Girl Scout Season. It was just announced that Dunkin‘ and the Girls Scouts of the USA are teaming up once again to offer Girl Scout coffee flavors at participating Dunkin’ locations around the country.

Dunkin CoffeeThe coffee promotion will take place during the typical Girl Scout season, starting January 1, 2020 and lasting until early spring. The Dunkin’ Girl Scout Coffee Flavor Line up for 2020 will include Coconut Caramel and Thin Mint coffee flavors. Customers can order their Girl Scout drinks hot or iced, as well as in cold brew, frozen chocolate, frozen coffee, and espresso-based beverages.

Last January was the first time Dunkin’ and Girl Scouts partnered up to create the coffee flavors, and they quickly became a raging success that the flavors returned the following December of 2018. During that first go-around, Dunkin’ served two of the beloved flavors we will see this January, Coconut Caramel and Thin Mint, but they also sold a Peanut Butter Cookie coffee flavor. You’ll just have to buy a box of Tagalongs to get your PB fix this year.

Similar to last year, Dunkin’ will invite Girl Scouts to sell their cookies at Dunkin’ locations throughout the promotion. To find out if your local Dunkin’ will be selling Girl Scout cookies come 2020, check out the Find Cookies Now section of the Girl Scouts website.

Patty Healy, Dunkin’s Senior Director of Integrated Marketing stated per a press release, “Girl Scout Cookie season is as welcomed and anticipated as the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve, and we’re thrilled to celebrate by bringing two smile-eliciting Girl Scout Cookie inspired flavors back to guests’ coffees in 2020.”

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