Domino’s is Serving $5.99 Two-Topping Large Pizzas This Week

In celebration of National Cheese Lover’s Day and Pie Day, Domino’s is presenting their large two-topping pizzas for only $5.99 each. This promotion by Domino’s will only be effective this week from January 20 through January 26 for carry-out only.

Domino's PizzaCustomers have the choice of selecting any two-toppings they would prefer. Domino’s has a list of nine meat pizza toppings and 18 non-meat. Customers can redeem this carry-out special via phone, in-store, online on the Domino’s website, or on the restaurant’s mobile app.

Per a press release, Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s spokesperson said, “While some of the better-known holidays are over, celebrating fun unofficial holidays continues. We want cheese lovers, deal seekers, and all pizza pie fanatics to celebrate with our $5.99 large carryout pizzas.”

The observance of National Cheese Lover’s Day is today, January 20. National Pie Day, however, is celebrated on January 23 yearly in the United States, and since 1986, the day is promoted by the American Pie Council

In commemoration of these food holidays, there are a number of other restaurants offering deals on food.  

  • Mountain Mike’s Pizza – Customers who visit Mountain Mike’s Pizza will receive $3.00 off any large pizza, using this promo code “880953” 
  • Fresh Brothers – Customers can receive a vegan mozzarella upgrade to their pizza in celebration of Veganuary with Daiya Foods.
  • Pizza Hut – Customers will receive a Meat Lover’s Pizza for only $10.00, which is off the usual price and it’s only for a limited time.
  • Papa John’s – Their Alfredo garlic parmesan crust pizza is now available for $10.00.
  • Blaze Pizza – Receive a half size pizza, and a salad or four Dough Knots of your choice for only $9.95. 

To learn about more Domino’s deals, check out our Domino’s Coupons page.

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  1. Leanne J. Stack-Martin says:

    Dominoes is one of the world’s largest Fast Food/Pizza chains, and it should be easy to navigate their website/s and online pages, but it’s not. When I ask for your Delivery Charge, the answer should be clear and accurate, so why would you babble on about what other people think of the Delivery Charge Policy and similar non-responsive comments.
    When I ask to view a complete menu with prices, how difficult can it be to reproduce your full menu? It’s not easy, but I can find a list of products & their prices, but why is it necessary to waste time sorting through bits and pieces of the menu, that point up someone’s ‘Favorites?’ No doubt a lot of people (yes, people like me) are put off by this high-handed approach. And when I ask ‘What is included in a ‘Dominoes Pizza Feast,’ how difficult could it be to provide a description of the items and/or available options in any or all of the “Dominoes Pizza Feasts, instead of relying exclusively on the insipid {and in some cases, visually disgusting} videos that tell nothing about the specific foods (or even the food groups) a Feast might include and provides absolutely no information about the large number of menu items described as ‘Pizza Feasts.
    In the past, I’ve usually had (at least) one or two menus on hand that I could check out before placing an order. Obviously, they would make my current reliance upon your (virtually useless) online websites unnecessary, but I’ve just moved to this new address, so I don’t have that resource available at this time. Although I like Dominoes’ pizzas, if Pizza Hut or Papa John’s can give me easier access better answers, I’ll probably order from them.

  2. Machi the Lawyer says:

    I want 2 large pizzas from dominos dlivered to my house today for less than $39.00 (sorta like the 2 topppings large pizza they claim to offer for $5.99 each – which would be less than $39.99, even when doubled).

    So please deliver to my address in america where i live and where this deal and currency are offered & accepted. Hopefully dominoes won’t F4ck me with $29.00 stoned messenger charge again. WE CAN FIND U CHEAPER WEED DELIVERY DUDE!!


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