Del Taco Celebrates Launch of New Tamales With Tamales Wrapping Paper

Del Taco is shouting “Happy Tamaledays” to all its customers with the recent launch of their new shredded pork Tamales and limited-edition Tamales Wrapping Paper. Earlier this month, we published an article with all the details about Del Taco’s Tamales, but it’s time to focus on something equally as exciting.

Del Taco TamalesThe Del Taco Webstore will carry the “Happy Tamaledays” Wrapping Paper for a limited time this Christmas season. The wrapping paper is a festive green color, which is also meant to mimic the green sauce that comes along with the Smothered Tamales. The paper has the greeting Happy Tamaledays written on it in red and yellow, as well as as images of tamales.

It is not a coicidence that Del Taco has released the seasonal merchandise, however. It seems like all the major hitters in the fast food industry have been launching new apparrell and accessories this winter. Popeyes and Red Lobster launched their ugly Christmas sweaters, while Taco Bell released their Holiday Hot Sauce Onesie. McDonald’s and Arby’s have also been promoting their online merch stores latately, as well.

In addition to the festive wrapping paper, the Del Taco Webstore carries a ton of other merchandise taco lovers can buy year round. They carry apparrel like hoodies, t-shirts, socks, and hats. As for accessories, you can buy Del-Taco-branded keychains, beach towels, pop sockets, and tumblers. They even sell packets of their beloved hot sauce on the webstore.

With Tweets like “Tamaledays are in full swing!” and “It’s here! Our limited edition Del Taco Tamale wrapping paper is now available while supplies last!” there is no better time to do that last-minute gift wrapping.

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