DareDevil Dogs Bark Up the Right Tree

Now, you may think that a hot dog is a hot dog is a hot dog, but take one bite of a DareDevil Dog and you’ll stand corrected. Part of what makes DareDevil Dogs unique (for a hot dog joint) is their philosophy on food, which is that fresh, local ingredients prepared in-house are always better than pre-prepared, frozen, and packaged ingredients that are shipped across the country from some massive industrial complex in New Jersey or wherever.

daredevil dogs

To that end, DareDevil’s buns are baked fresh daily at a small mom-and-pop bakery in Columbus, and the hot dogs and sausages they serve are made from meat born and raised in Ohio. The toppings, including their pickled green tomatoes and whole-grain mustard aioli, are prepared in-house from locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

The DareDevil Dogs Menu

Every one of DareDevil Dogs’ brats, dogs, and sausages weighs in at 1/5 pound, making a single dog a perfectly respectable meal, especially when you add in the sides, which include gourmet hits like Sweet Potato Tots and Whole-Grain Whipped Redskin Potatoes. While DareDevil Dogs surely offers ketchup and mustard for the die-hard traditionalists in the city, these condiments are hardly necessary. That’s because DareDevil Dogs are culinary works of art.

Case in point is the Thrill Seeker, a pork brat smothered in caramelized shaved brussels sprouts, granny smith apples, shaved celery, and honey whole-grain aioli and served on a freshly baked seeded challah bun. Sound interesting? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Toppings are half the flavor and a lot of the fun at DareDevil Dogs. Dominating the menu are local favorites like pineapple-avocado guacamole, smoked bacon, charred jalapeño sour cream, queso fresco, and house-made chili for chili dogs.

The dogs themselves are far from ordinary. Your meaty choices include an all-beef hot dog, a pork brat, and a lamb or chorizo sausage. For the vegetarians in the crowd, they offer a meat-free dog that’s so tasty even a die-hard carnivore will find it palatable.

DareDevil Dogs Food Truck

In addition to getting your dog fix at the storefront, DareDevil Dogs goes mobile in their nondescript white food truck, which travels all over Central Ohio to ensure that anyone in the area who wants a DareDevil Dog can get one. The food truck hangs out at sporting events, festivals, and office parks to offer dog lovers a square meal worth waiting for. You can even hire the DareDevil Dogs truck for a wedding, birthday party or corporate event, and when you bring them to your nonprofit charity event, they donate 10 percent of their sales to your organization. Because that’s how DareDevil Dogs rolls.

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