Cold Stone Creamery Launches New Holiday Flavor, Fudge Mint Cookie

Cold Stone Creamery released the new Fudge Mint Cookie Ice Cream flavor this holiday season.  The American ice cream chain presents the two new creations made out of the new holiday flavor, the Chilly Chocolate Mint Creation and the Fudge Merri-mint Ice Cream Cake. These added menu items will be available to customers from December 4, 2019, through January 7, 2020. 

Customers who visit Cold Stone Creamery have the choice of trying out the Fudge Mint Cookie flavored ice cream alone or have the Chilly Chocolate Mint Creation that includes the Fudge Mint Cookie Ice Cream, combined with Fudge Mint Cookies after chocolate drops and fudge is sprinkled to the top.

The Fudge Merri-mint Ice Cream Cake consists of red velvet cake, sweet cream ice cream, fudge mint cookies, and fudge mint cookie ice cream. The cake is finished off with chocolate drops and fudge ganache.

Cold Stone Creamery is also giving customers the announcement they have been waiting for by adding one more cookie dough ice cream creation to their menu this holiday season. This new creation is called the Dough! Ho! Ho!. Cold Stone Creamery combines the classic cookie dough ice cream with frosting and green and red sugar crystals to create this holiday masterpiece.

Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands (parent company of Cold Stone Creamery) said, “We are extremely eager to introduce our new store-made super-premium ice cream flavor and creations for the holiday season.” So why not visit Cold Stone Creamery and enjoy these exciting new flavors with friends and family? 

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