Christmas Cookie Frappuccino From Starbucks Secret Menu

The holiday season is here! If you haven’t heard, Starbucks has rolled out their Holiday Cups and Drinks for the 2020 season. While there are tons of great drinks options available on the Holiday menu, there are various tasty holiday-themed beverages available on Starbucks Secret Menu. The Christmas Cookie Frappuccino found exclusively on the Secret Menu would help you usher in the holiday season. How do you order the Christmas Cookie Frappuccino? I’m glad you asked. 

Starbucks Christmas Cookie FrappuccinoIn case you are not familiar with Starbucks Secret Menu, the Secret Menu isn’t an official menu offered by Starbucks. It is merely a list of beverages that Starbucks fans make by asking for specific customizations to drinks already available on the menu. So this means that if you ask for the Christmas Cookie Frappuccino at your local Starbucks, chances are your barista probably wouldn’t know what to get you. You would need to make the right customization to the right drink to the right result.  

Before we jump right into the recipe for the Christmas Cookie Frappuccino, it’s worth noting that we did not come up with the recipe ourselves. The Secret Menu website credit the recipe to someone named Eric M. 

Let’s jump right into the recipe. First, you need to select your drink size to determine the other ingredients’ correct portions. Once you have chosen your size, you would then add the following:

  • Start the drink with a creme base Frappuccino. 
  • You would follow this by adding Peppermint Syrup. If you selected a tall, then one pump of Peppermint Syrup would be sufficient. You should ask for one and a half pumps of Peppermint Syrup for a grande and two pumps for a Venti. 
  • Then add Toffee Nut Syrup to the Mix. It would be best if you used the same ratio as the Peppermint Syrup.
  • Top with whipped cream and garnish with a raw sugar packet.
  • Optionally, you can top your drink with caramel drizzle. 

There you have it, the Christmas Cookie Frappuccino. A tasty treat for the holiday season. Remember, there is no wrong way to customize your drink. It’s all part of the fun. Before heading down to customize your Christmas Cookie Frappuccino, be sure to check our other drinks on Starbucks Secret Menu.

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