Chipotle Tests New Restaurant Design With Walkup Window

Chipotle is on a mission to make the fast food industry even more convenient. The restaurant chain has recently rolled out a new restaurant design at six Chipotle stores with the goal of improving overall customer experience and convenience, and ultimately, complement their thriving $1 billion digital business. The company selected locations in  Chicago, Cinncinati, Phoenix, Newport Beach, and San Diego to trial some of the design. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to live near one of the newly designed restaurants, here’s a peak at the layout.

New and improved features will include:

  • Walk Up Windows – An outdoor-facing window that allows customers and delivery drivers to easily swing by and pickup their orders without having to brave crowds of people inside.
  • Pick Up Portals – A wall of cubby-like compartments where Chipotle employees will place prepared online orders for customer pick-up.
  • Kitchen-front Seating – Customer seating that directly faces the kitchen, allowing guests to have full transparency of food preparation.
  • Reach-in Coolers – Coolers located where customers will wait in line, so they can grab bottled drinks themselves before checkout.

ChipotleThese new design features are expected to decrease congestion in the restaurants, as well as make pickups more efficient for drivers from delivery services like Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates.

Over the years, we’ve done away with waiting in long lines and dining in at fast food restaurants (for the most part, at least). While drive-throughs are not yet a thing of the past, most consumers turn to an app on their phone to order carry out meals, as well as to get their food delivered right to their front door. Chipotle is one of many fast food restaurants with an Order Online feature on their mobile app, but they are planning to capitalize on their digital success even further with the new restaurant layout. After analyzing the impact of the new restaurant layouts, Chipotle will decide how to proceed on a nationwide scale.

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