Chipotle Debuts New Queso Blanco

Today is a big day for Chipotle customers around the country. The restaurant is launching a brand-new Queso Blanco to replace its old recipe.

Chipotle Queso BlancoBack in 2017, Chipotle rolled out queso dip for the very first time. And while it was a highly anticipated launch, the results were a flop. Customers were turned off by the recipe, turning to social media to express their disappointment. However, that did not stop Chipotle from improving their craft, which led them to replacing the original queso with the dip they’ve had in stores for the past couple of years. And while that queso was a step up, the new Queso Blanco is expected to be the best yet.

After being tested in select markets, the Queso Blanco received tons of praise from customers. The new recipe features 13 fresh ingredients, including aged Monterey Jack cheese, white cheddar, chipotle peppers, poblano peppers, Serrano peppers, farm fresh dairy, garlic, corn starch, tomatoes, yellow onion, water, salt, and black pepper. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients, either. Queso with no fake stuff? That’s no small feat. Chipotle is also describing the new Queso Blanco as “smooth with just the right amount of kick.”

After years of trial and error, Chipotle may have perfected their queso recipe once and for all. Customers who have tried the new recipe are praising it, but we want to know how you all feel about it. Leave a comment below if you’ve tried Chipotle’s new queso.

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