Amy’s Drive Thru

Amy’s Drive Thru: An Expanding Dimension in Fast Food

Amy’s Drive Thru locations are not what you’d expect out of fast food. Nestled among the Taco Bells and Chick-fil-A’s on Highway 101 North in Rohnert Park, California, Amy’s serves up tasty vegetarian and vegan fare, and theirs is a story for the ages. You may recognize Amy’s moniker from […]

4 Crazy Fast Food Lawsuits That Are Beyond Frivolous

There are certainly legitimate reasons to sue a fast food restaurant, but in recent years, fast food establishments have increasingly been the target of, shall we say, frivolous – sometimes downright wacky – lawsuits. These lawsuits weren’t sparked by bodily injury but the desire to make a quick buck or […]

What’s New at Starbucks in 2018?

Coffee has become a “must have” in the American diet, partially due to the marketing efforts of Starbucks, the “king” of coffee. But, Starbucks knows they have to keep innovating to keep you coming back for more. That’s why you can choose from a variety of flavored teas, pastries, and […]

Red Robin Launches Hop-Salt Fries | Fries |

Red Robin Launches Hop-Salt Fries

The next time you visit a Red Robin for their famous burgers, give their hop-salt fries a try! Satisfying beer and french fry lovers alike, these seasoned fries are a combination that feels surprising  – yet one that makes perfect sense. Hop-Salt fries are a reincarnation of Red Robin’s famous […]