Capriotti’s Unveil’s Nation’s First Impossible™ Cheesesteak

Capriotti’s already has a solid line-up of vegetarian options on its menu, but the sandwich shop has recently rolled out an all-new meat-free option, the Impossible™ Cheesesteak. Capriotti’s plant-based cheesesteak will be the first Impossible™Cheesesteak to be served in the world, and customers and food critics are already raving over its authentic, savory taste. Now, that’s an impressive feat for a sandwich whose primary ingredient is meat.

Capriotti's Impossible Cheesesteak

The Impossible™ Cheesesteak is nearly a mirror-image of the original, with American cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and plant-based protein, instead of the meat, of course.

If Capriotti’s Impossible Cheesesteak sounds familiar, you may recognize it from its test phase last year. The sub was served in Las Vegas for a limited time to see how fans would respond to the first sandwich of its kind. With such great success, Capriotti’s and Impossible Foods geared up for a nation-wide launch.

Other veggie options on the menu include the Veggie Turkey, Veggie Cole Turkey, and Veggie Cheesteak. But, if you’re team plant-based food, brace yourself for yet another new meat-free sub from Capriotti’s, the Impossible™ Meatball Sub. This new menu addition will roll out in the spring.

Per a press release, CEO Ashley Morris said, “No one should have to sacrifice taste just to eat plant-based. Capriotti’s is so excited to bring our new Impossible Cheese Steak to diners across the country.”


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