Burger King’s Spicy Nuggets Are Back

The time has finally come – Burger King’s Spicy Nuggets are back on the menu for a limited time. The seasoned nuggets have been a fan favorite for years, but they’ve never been a consistent menu item (to much disapproval of BK lovers). While they’re around, customers can get an order of eight spicy nuggets for just a buck.

Burger King Spicy NuggetsSpicy Nuggets are available nationwide at participating Burger King locations. You can snag the spicy nuggets in quantities other than eight, if your heart desires. Four nuggets are available for $1.29, 10 are $1.49, and 20 are $2.99. Prices may vary slightly by location, but you’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck if you opt for the eight-count deal.

What’s more, Burger King is also offering free delivery for customers who order through the restaurant’s mobile app from May 25 until June 30, 2020, on purchases of $20 or more.

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