Burger King Welcomes Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry Back to the Menu

It’s almost summertime, which means one think for fast food restaurants: new, refreshing drinks. From Starbucks new Iced Guava Passionfruit drink to Burger King’s Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry slushy, there’s no shortage of sweet, sugary beverages to try out this season. The Fanta drink has been a fan favorite for a few years ever since it was first released on the Burger King menu back in 2017. However, it didn’t stay on the menu for long, and every time it comes back, it only makes a quick appearance.

Burger King Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry

The Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry slushy is a simple, yet beautifully flavorful mix of ice Wild Cherry soda. And guess what? Burger King’s also got a Coke slushy on tap at most locations, so if you’re bold enough, ask for a half-cherry, half-coke slushy and mix them together. A makeshift Frozen Cherry Coke at its finest.

The frozen beverage comes relatively cheap – under $3 for a large. For more discontinued and under-the-radar menu items from BK, check out the Burger King Secret Menu.

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