Burger King Tests New Loaded Cheddar Nuggets

Fast food restaurants work hard to ensure they are at the top of their chicken game, from reinventing chicken sandwiches to tenders and nuggets. And while Burger King has tested their chicken in the form of tenders, nuggets, and fries, it looks like they have a new creation on the market – the Loaded Cheddar Nuggets.

Burger King hasn’t officially made the announcement about the Loaded Cheddar Nuggets, but we’ve confirmed their existance with The Endorsement, one of my favorite fast food reviewers, besides myself, of course. The Endorsement said via YouTube that he was going to his local Burger King to get a 10-piece nugget when he saw the advertisement on the menu for the new Loaded Cheddar Nuggets for $2.49. The nuggets have a very similar appearance to the regular chicken nuggets on the menu with the main difference being the pieces of cheddar on the inside. It looks like the cheddar chunks are dispersed throughout the nugget, with the most cheese found in the center. To see The Endorsement’s full review, click here.

Does your local Burger King have the new Loaded Cheddar Nuggets on the menu? Let us know if you’ve tried them in the comments below, and check back soon for an update on the new nuggets.

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