Burger King Plans To Give Holiday Travelers Free Impossible Whoppers For Delayed Flights

There is nothing quite as irritating as having a flight delayed. But this holiday season, Burger King is setting out to make that experience less painful, with free Impossible Whoppers.

This promotion has already begun and lasts through December 30, 2019 – prime Christmas travelling time. As customers head out for the holidays, make sure to have the Burger King app downloaded and location settings turned on. If you are at any United States airport and your domestic flight gets delayed, you can treat yourself to a free Impossible Whopper. All you have to do is pop onto the BK app and type in your flight number. You can either proceed by redeeming the coupon or saving it for later (expires 12/30/19).

You can redeem the coupon at participating Burger King locations, not including restaurants in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. To learn more, here’s a peek at Burger King’s Youtube video they created for the campaign.

The Impossible Whopper was released earlier this year and has been a major hit. It is a replica of the regular Whopper but made entirely vegan with plant-based ingredients.

This is not the first time Burger King has launched an insanely creative promotion around the holidays. Last year, Burker King ran a “Whopper Detour” promotion, where the burger chain gave away Whoppers for just one penny. The catch? Customers had to be inside or near a McDonald’s to get access to the promotion. Burger King mapped out its competitor’s geolocation on their app, so all customers had to do was open their Burger King app to get the coupon. From there, customers would leave McDonald’s and head straight to Burger King to redeem their offer. That’s one detour we wouldn’t be mad about.

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