Bojangles: It’s All About the Biscuits

Bojangles: It’s All About the Biscuits

In case you don’t have a Bojangles where you live, which is very sad indeed, you should know that this is the place to get your fill of chicken and biscuits, a decidedly Southern dish that takes the top prize for Best Comfort Food Ever.

Founded in 1977 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bojangles opened its 600th restaurant in 2014, making it a pretty dang successful chain. The stores are mostly located in the Southeastern U.S., but for some reason, you’ll also find three stores in Roatan Island, Honduras. While it won’t win any awards for the healthiest fast food on earth, you’ll still want to visit a Bojangles if you’re ever in the Southeast U.S. Or Honduras.

Bojangles Biscuits

Biscuits from Scratch

To say that Bojangles takes great pride in its biscuits is a vast understatement. Their hand-made, from-scratch biscuits are the pride and joy of the company, and Master Biscuit Makers have to sign a detailed biscuit contract before becoming certified to bake the fluffy, moist treats. That’s right–in order to make biscuits for Bojangles, you have to become certified. Master Biscuit Makers bake biscuits all day, every day so that every bite is fresh and warm. Mmmmm.

Making a batch of Bojangles biscuits is a 48-step process. The biscuits are made with real buttermilk and the freshest ingredients around, and they’re mixed and kneaded and then hand-rolled for perfection in size and shape. Each biscuit is hand-cut and baked to perfection for ten minutes at 400 degrees, resulting in perfectly browned discs of pure delectable joy. At Bojangles, a batch of biscuits goes into the oven every ten minutes.

A Fierce Competition 

Bojangles takes its biscuits so seriously that every year, they host a Master Biscuit Maker Challenge. Now in its 20th year, the Master Biscuit Maker Challenge starts in individual restaurants and culminates in the final round that takes place at the Bojangles’ Support Center in Charlotte, where the Research and Development Kitchen is located.

“The Master Biscuit Maker Challenge is the ideal competition to ensure we continue serving our customers nothing but the very best,” President and CEO Clifton Rutledge told BusinessWire in 2015, going on to congratulate Roger Hudson, Jr. for winning the competition as a representative of the company-owned restaurants and Royce Vereen for winning as a representative of the franchised locations. The men competed against 16 other finalists and ended up taking home the coveted $2,500 cash prize, a championship trophy, and the awe of their Bojangles’ family. All of the non-winning finalists received a $250 cash prize and a trophy.

Bake Your Own Bojangles Biscuits

Bojangles’ biscuit recipe is top-secret, of course, but the folks over at have developed a recipe that comes close, although it certainly isn’t a 48-step process.

To make the biscuits, combine two cups of self-rising flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, and two teaspoons of confectioner’s sugar. Add in 1/2 cup of vegetable shortening and cut until the pieces are like grains of rice. Stir in 1-1/2 cups of buttermilk, knead just a few times (you don’t want to work to dough too much) and roll it out to a 3/4-inch thickness. Use a glass or a biscuit cutter to form the biscuits. Put them on an un-greased cookie sheet and bake at 450 degrees for about 12 minutes or until perfectly, deliciously golden brown.

If you try this recipe, we’d love to hear how your biscuits turned out and how they compare to Bojangles!


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