Best Late Night Fast Food

Are you on a late night hunger streak? If so, you’re probably trying to find the best late night fast food. There are many different fast food chains that are open until 1am or 4am but that depends on your location. Some cities are different and may close earlier. You can always call them if it’s a long drive to get there but the best way to find this information is by visiting their website. By entering in your zip code, you can get the times.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell prices are affordable for many but beware if you order a lot, your order can easily get up to $20. People love Taco Bell, especially when there is no late night Mexican restaurant open. Of course, this isn’t real Mexican food or anything. The ingredients are mostly American although they sometimes add Jalepenos, beans, avocados, and spicy sauces. Although Taco Bell may seem like an artificial “ethnic” place, they still have great food there. Ever since 2000, their menu has greatly expanded. We remember when they used to have the salad bowl which was a popular new item. Back then, they didn’t release many new items. Now they have things like the Fruitista Freeze drinks, spicy Volcano Box, Doritos Crunch Taco, and the Cantina Bell.

If you want to keep Taco Bell menu prices down, why not go with their “Why pay more Menu”? Here everything is listed under a $1. For only $0.79, you can get the Cheese Roll Up, Triple Layer Nachos, or the Cinnamon Twist.

They also have three different tacos available for just $0.89 each. You have the Crunch Taco, Soft Taco, Cheese Double and the Beef Burrito. Talk about a great deal on food!

For just $0.99, you’ll be able to pick from four items. Their big taste taco is on this menu and has beef, tortilla strips, lettuce, and sour cream. If you prefer, you can get the cheesy bean burrito too. They have another one that includes rice and extra cheese if you want to stuff your burrito with more, and this is all for the same price! Just $1! Craving something sweet? Try their Caramel Apple Empanada.

White Castle

White Castle might seem a bit plain for some people, but their prices are right! If you just want a simple meal to go, this is a great place to come to. They mostly serve cheeseburgers, fries, chicken, apple sauce, and potatoes here. If you are looking to serve a lot of people, perhaps for a work event or a family get together – they have a great deal on their hamburgers. You can get the “Crave Case” which is 30 hamburgers for just $14.50. This is huge when it comes to savings! Also, if you want to treat a friend – they have a special gift card you can order.

Let’s look through the White Castle Menu prices, shall we? Even though White Castle doesn’t have a lot of variety in food as other fast food chains have, they still have awesome menu prices. Here are a few of their prices as of 2013:

  • Cheeseburger – $0.62
  • Bacon Cheeseburger – $0.92
  • Fish Sandwich – $1.09
  • Chicken Breast Sandwich – $1.39
  • Chicken Supreme – $1.69
  • French Fries – $1.29
  • Onion Chips – $1.65
  • Fried Clam Strips – $1.99
  • Chicken Rings – $2.09
  • Potato Snackers – $1.09

The items we listed are single items although the double items may cost more so be sure to check. With prices like these – you just can’t go wrong at the White Castle!

Steak and Shake

Steak and Shake prices are considered average for any fast food chain store. The food itself is to die for! If you have a love for sandwiches, potatoes, salads and shakes – you will definitely love going to Steak and Shake. They even have breakfast items like the cheese bagel sandwich, bacon and eggs. You can also get a side of potatoes to go with your breakfast meal if you want. Otherwise, if it’s night – you’ll probably just prefer a hearty sandwich with lots of vegetables and meats.

Steak and Shake menu prices are attractive when you drive by and may even entice you to get something there. The advertisement of the All Nighter Menu is just too much and you simply can’t resist! The items on this menu are served from midnight until 6A.M, making this the perfect place to eat if it’s very late where you are.

7×7 Steak Burger – $7.79

Imagine a huge burger stacked seven times! On top of that you also get fries. Nothing could be better than this.

BBQ Chicken Fingers- $5.59

Barbecue chicken fingers are very crunchy and also have a fresh “just barbequed” taste when you bite into them.

Specialty Shooters – $4.99

This meal includes three different sandwiches served with fries.

Nacho Fries – $4.99

Feel like eating some nachos but Taco Bell just closed? Steak n Shake will have them!

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