Baskin-Robbins Welcomes Date Night Ice Cream and Valentine’s Day Cakes

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, Baskin-Robbins is giving customers the sweet sense of feeling loved with the release of their Date Night flavor and Valentine’s Day Card Cakes. Customers who wish to go on this tasty venture with Baskin-Robbins should be advised that it’s only available for a limited time at participating locations countrywide.

Baskin-Robbins flavor of the monthDate Night, is a rich blend of chocolate and creamy caramel ice cream swirls, which incorporates a salty caramel ribbon as well as mini caramel cups. 

Baskin-Robbins Valentine's Day Cakes
Photo by Baskin-Robbins

The ice-cream and cake restaurant is presenting the new flavor in a Date Night Three Scoop Sundae. This Three Scoop Sundae comprises three scoops of Baskin-Robbins Date Night flavor, topped with caramel pralines, hot fudge, whipped cream, and almond pieces, crowned with a cherry. 

Baskin-Robbins Valentine’s Day Card Cakes get the message across by portraying sayings like “You’re the sprinkles on my ice cream,” “Darling, you take the cake,” and “Do me a flavor? Be my Valentine.” These five-card cakes are also made up of the restaurant’s signature ice cream flavors.

Baskin-Robbins hasn’t stopped there. For the entire month of February, at some restaurant locations, they are also offering a Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cake and Valentine’s Day Heart Cone Cake. The Valentine’s Day Unicorn Cake features a mane of pink icing, heart-shaped shades made of dark chocolate, ears made of white chocolate, and a sugar cone horn buried in heart-shaped sprinkles. 

The Valentine’s Day Heart Cone Cake is filled with ice cream. This sweet treat is then topped with two cones covered in icing. The ice cream and cake restaurant have also reintroduced the Love Potion #31, which will be available at participating Baskin-Robbins restaurants in February. The Love Potion #31 is a flavored ice cream made of white chocolate and raspberry combined with chocolate chips, chocolate-flavored hearts filled with raspberry, and swirls of raspberry.

Baskin-Robbins has given customers the upper hand by allowing them to order online or on the mobile app to receive these treats. Customers who use this promo code “BEMINE” will get $3.00 off a purchase of any cake $15.00 or more. So why not visit Baskin-Robbins this month of February?

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