Arby’s Trials Mac-and-Cheese-Topped Brisket Sandwich

Arby’s is blessing us with the comfort food we all need to get through the long winter ahead of us. The Mac-and-Cheese-Topped Brisket Sandwich,  is now being served at a select few Arby’s locations around the country. The new sandwich is in its testing phase, however, which is why it has only been spotted at Arby’s restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky so far.

The new sandwich marries the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket sandwich with creamy mac and cheese. The Restaurants serving the Mac-and-Cheese version are also giving customers the option of ordering their sandwich topped with coleslaw instead. Both sandwiches also contain fried onion strings and BBQ sauce, sandwiched in between cornbread buns. While the Mac-and-Cheese one is receiving the most attention, either option sounds like a BBQ dream if you ask us.

Many fast food franchises will run new food trials at select locations around the country in order to see how successful the menu item could be in different markets. It used to be kept under wraps if a test item was released in one part of the country and not the other, but with social media, nothing is a secret. Perhaps, that’s a good thing for the fast food industry – fans will undoubtedly share their opinions online about the new menu item, which is ultimately the whole point of a test run.

Customers are already getting exciting about the possibility of the Mac-and-Cheese-Topped sandwich being launched nationwide, which is no surprise given the success of the original Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. It was first released in 2013 and consists of layers of sliced brisket, fried onion strings, and BBQ sauce on a cornbread bun.

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