Arby’s Introduces New Brunch Sandwiches

Arby’s just released two new brunch sandwiches, Bacon, Ham & Egg brunch sandwich and the Brisket Avacado & Egg brunch sandwich. Currently, customers only in Ohio can go grab hold of either of these Arby’s brunch sandwiches. The sandwich is available in Cleveland, Willowick, and Canton. 

This is the very first time Arby’s has released these brunch sandwiches, and customers are raving about it. The Bacon, Ham & Egg brunch sandwich is comprised of crispy strips of cinnamon sugar bacon, a potato cake, ham, egg, and a French toast inspired sauce layered on a bun. The  Brisket Avacado & Egg brunch sandwich has brisket, an egg, cheese, a potato cake, and a smooth avocado spread layered on a bun. 

In an early December television advertisement, Arby’s promoted the brunch sandwiches as an “all-day option,” meaning you can have brunch for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We can’t think of anything quite as exciting as that.

Arby’s has quite a number of other sandwiches available where customers can indulge in such as the Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches, the Arbynator, Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich, King’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Slider, the King’s Hawaiian Ham Slider and a variety of others. 

Arby’s brunch sandwiches fall right in line with the fast food breakfast craze that has been influencing the industry for the last couple of years. In addition to Arby’s, Wendy’s released new breakfast menu items in 2019 and made the announcement that they will roll out an entire breakfast menu in 2020. To check out what will be on the A.M. menu, check out this article: Wendy’s Announces New Breakfast Menu.

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