2016 Pizza War – Who Will Win?

Pizza war is on and it’s Papa John and Pizza Hut that’s pulling the rope at both ends. Papa John started the New Year with its low price pizza offers.

On the other hand, Pizza Hut which is considered as the world’s largest pizza restaurant is offering clients the opportunity to purchase a medium pizza topped with the right items for only $5. The offer goes for clients, who order at least one item like second pizza, soft drinks, wings or breadsticks for $5. This particular offer will start on the 4th of January.

Papa John offers its clients who purchased a large pizza at a regular price the opportunity to order another set of pizza for only 50 cents. During a later date, Pizza Hut reported obtaining flat sales at its US stores and this occurred throughout the first 3 quarters of 2015.

This fact is well behind the 5% growth that was reported by Papa John for its North America stores. On the other hand, the number 2 pizza chain, Domino’s, brought about a 13% increase in revenue at different domestic stores.

Pizza Hut offers a deal that’s a lot similar to the $5.99 offer that Domino’s has already been offering since 2010. So, nothing’s new when it comes to this point. Domino’s spokesman Tim McIntyre has this to say, “We do not play the product or the price of the month game that others seem to enjoy. The limited time only strategy is certainly something that we’ve left behind years ago.”

pizza chef vintageMcIntyre likewise stated that Domino’s remains to be the only rational fast food chain that is capable of achieving increase in sales on a yearly basis since 2009.

Papa John Rings 2016 with the Launching of its New Dessert

Restaurateurs are leading the New Year with initiatives that are seen to boost traffic. This fast food restaurant recently made an announcement regarding its buy one get one offer. By ordering any large Papa John’s pizza at the usual price, diners can purchase another large pizza of equal value, but this time the amount that will be paid will only be 50 cents.

Papa John has launched the Brookie dessert for the New Year. This dessert is made with chocolate chip cookie and a rich, chocolate brownie. Further, Papa John offers its clients another option which is, combining pizzas with the Brookie for an extra $6.

Customers can purchase these items at all Papa John restaurants until January 31. This deal will also be made available on a Kentucky-based pizza company web page as well as mobile ordering application. Going online is seen to help the company gain popularity among counter and millennial competition.

Papa John has been recently posting several positive reviews both on its domestic and international fronts. This company remained in an excellent position for growth since it is driven by menu innovations. Operational efficiency and promotional offers likewise boost the chances of Papa John to win in the market.

Aside from the limited offers, Papa John continuously tests its menu items on both the domestic and international levels. This fast food store has several items in store for 2016 and management thinks that these perks will surely boost traffic for the company.

In the meantime, Papa John is investing heavily on several technology-driven initiatives such as digital ordering so as to boost sales. The business’ digital and online marketing activities have been significantly increased over the past years in response to the rapid increase in the use of mobile and online web technology.

Organic Turkey from Carl’s Jr

This meal is for everyone who has made it a New Year’s resolution to go on a healthy diet. Eating an organic burger is really something. According to Grubstreet, Carl’s Organic Turkey is also hormone and antibiotic free. Going organic is definitely something to count for since you’re assured that your food is one of those that are packed with low calories.

Burger King’s Snickers Pie

This tasty morsel goes out to every fast foodies out there who just want to laugh, live and love their way throughout 2016. This pie is for those who want to live their best life. A slice contains creamy caramel filling, topped with crumbled Snickers pieces. Everything rests on a choco cookie crust. What more could you ask for?

Fast food Advantage

The most evident benefit of fast food is that it actually saves time. In today’s lifestyle which is fast-paced, there’s nothing better compared to getting the right meal done at the right moment. No matter how the chefs commend the advantages of fresh food, remember that at the end of the day, eating a burger or a pizza can be godsend.

After a day’s work, you come home too tired to even light the stove. Besides the time to be consumed preparing a meal at the kitchen could be used to drive to the nearest fast food restaurant and order the right meal.

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