10 Ways to Save Money in Fast Food Restaurants

10 Ways to Save Money in Fast Food Restaurants


When people eat in fast food restaurants, they usually tend to eat quickly and a lot. Without realizing it, you probably have already spent more money than you intend to. If you want to save but still enjoy your food, you’ve got to know how to order. Here are a few  fast food tips and tricks to save money.


  1. Ask yourself how hungry you are.

When you step inside the restaurant, the first thing you should do is ask yourself this question, “How hungry am I? Am I really hungry? Or maybe I just need to eat something light like a snack?” The point is, knowing how hungry you are can help you avoid buying so much food than you actually need.


  1. Order something small.

Let’s assume you’re not that hungry. If this is the case then you don’t need to order a lot of food. You can just order something small like one cheeseburger instead of the  complete cheeseburger meal with fries and drink.



  1. Order a value meal.

If you are hungry, then it’s better to order a value meal. A value meal usually includes a main dish with drinks and fries for a single price. If you buy all of them separately, the total price will end up being higher. Fast food chains purposely do this so that they can sell more.



  1. Use coupons.

Sometimes, fast food restaurants give out coupons to their customers. With these coupons, you can take advantage of their food items at a discounted price. Thanks to technology, you can now avail coupons for your favorite fast food restaurants using your phone. Some of your favorite fast food restaurants have their coupon app online which you can simply download on your phone.

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For example, Krispy Kreme Rewards app will entitle you to a free donut (any flavor you want) if you reach 50 points. Simply downloading their app will automatically give you for a free donut. Well, isn’t that a sweet treat?


There are other fast food restaurants which have their own coupon app available for download. Try downloading some coupon apps on your phone so you can avail freebies and discounts.


  1. Share food to split the cost.

One of the best fast food tips and tricks to save money in fast food restaurants is to share the food with your friends or family to cut the cost. For instance, if there’s two of you and you don’t eat as much as your friend, you can order one meal and just split the bill.


  1. Go to fast food places that offer discount to kids.

There are fast food places that offer discounted food or meals for kids. There are a few that even allow kids to eat for free while there are those who offer 50% discount for adults who order when they have a kid with them. However, these kind of discounts are only available at certain hours or on special days. To get the most out of this, you should find out the details about the discounts before you go to the restaurant.


  1. Drink water.

Skip ordering the soda. Try bringing your own water. This will help you save money and it’s way healthier than drinking soda.


  1. Don’t overstuff yourself.

Most people love to eat especially if they go to fast food restaurants since the food is good. The tip here is to discipline yourself. Not only is this healthier for you anyway, but it’s also better for your wallet too.


  1. Take your time eating.

As much as possible, do not eat fast. Take your time. If you finish your food too fast, chances are you will still feel hungry even if you’re stomach is actually already full. Just savor your existing food so you won’t go back for more.


  1. Take advantage of fast food restaurant promos.

Aside from coupons, fast food joints may also give other types of promos like holiday promos or other kinds. If you happen to come across one of these promos, you’d best take advantage of them while they’re still there. You can definitely save up on a lot of money availing of them.


With these fast food tips and tricks to save money, you can enjoy your fast food meal and not worry too much about giving your wallet a tummy ache. The trick here is to know what to order and how to order. That way, you can save a lot of money on your food.


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