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Boston Market is a fast casual restaurant chain with over 500 locations in 28 states. Because it is a fast casual restaurant, Boston Market prices are higher than fast food restaurants. The food they serve is considered to be of higher quality, fresher, and in most cases, healthier.

Some of the foods Boston Market serves includes Racks of Ribs, their famous Rotisserie Chicken, Turkey, and Home Style Sides. They also offer meals that are for the entire family which ranges from 3 person family up to 6 people.

Below are the latest Boston Market menu prices.



Served with Two Sides and Cornbread

Half Chicken$8.50
Quarter White$7.65
Three Piece Dark$7.25
1/4 Rack of Ribs with 1/4 Signature Rotisserie Chicken$12.99
1/2 Rack of Ribs$12.99
1/4 Rack of Ribs$10.99
Roast Beef BrisketLarge$9.75
Roast Beef BrisketRegular$8.75
Rotisserie Chicken Pot Pie$5.75

Bowls & Sandwiches

Market Bowls$6.95
Salad Bowls with Rotisserie Chicken$7.35
Make it a Combo!$2.50

Family Meals

Ribs Family Meal for 3 (3 and 1/4 Racks of Ribs, 3 Large Sides, and 3 Cornbread)$26.49
Meal for 3 (Choice of Entree, 3 Large Sides, and 3 Cornbread)$21.30
Meal for 4 (Choice of Entree, 4 Large Sides, and 4 Cornbread)$28.00
Meal for 5 (Choice of Entree, 5 Large Sides, and 5 Cornbread)$34.50
Meal for 6 (Choice of Entree, 6 Large Sides, and 6 Cornbread)$40.80

Home Style Sides

Baked BeansLarge$4.30
Baked BeansRegular$2.30
Loaded Mashed PotatoesLarge$4.30
Loaded Mashed PotatoesRegular$2.30
Garlicky Lemon SpinachLarge$4.30
Garlicky Lemon SpinachRegular$2.30
Macaroni and CheeseLarge$4.30
Macaroni and CheeseRegular$2.30
Mashed PotatoesLarge$4.30
Mashed PotatoesRegular$2.30
Sweet CornLarge$4.30
Sweet CornRegular$2.30
Garlic Dill New PotatoesLarge$4.30
Garlic Dill New PotatoesRegular$2.30
Creamed SpinachLarge$4.30
Creamed SpinachRegular$2.30
Fresh Steamed VegetablesLarge$4.30
Fresh Steamed VegetablesRegular$2.30
Sweet Potato CasseroleLarge$4.30
Sweet Potato CasseroleRegular$2.30
Fresh Vegetable StuffingLarge$4.30
Fresh Vegetable StuffingRegular$2.30
Green BeansLarge$4.30
Green BeansRegular$2.30
Cinnamon ApplesLarge$4.30
Cinnamon ApplesRegular$2.30
Cranberry Walnut RelishLarge$4.30
Cranberry Walnut RelishRegular$2.30

Kids Meals

Choice of Mac & Cheese, Dark Meat Chicken, Meatloaf or Turkey$4.25


Soft Drink32 oz.$1.95
Lemonade & Iced Tea32 oz.$1.95
Bottled Drink20 oz.$1.95
Bottled Drink2 Liter$2.95
Milk or Coffee$1.30
Gallon-to-Go (Lemonade or Iced Tea)Gallon$5.95


Apple PieWhole$5.95
Apple PieSingle$1.95
Chocolate CakeWhole$12.95
Chocolate CakeSingle$2.45
Chocolate BrownieWhole$4.50
Chocolate BrownieSingle$1.50
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookie4 Pc.$3.95
Freshly Baked Chocolate Chunk CookieSingle$1.30

Boston Market PricesBoston Market was founded in 1985 in Newton, Massachusetts, by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores. Although the chain was very popular, it eventually had financial problems and was acquired by the fast food giant McDonald’s. In 2007, McDonald’s sold Boston Market to a private equity firm.

Unlike most fast food restaurants, Boston Market is in the fast casual category, which tends to have healthier and fresher foods. Because of that, Boston Market prices are also higher than most fast food restaurants.

For more information about Boston Market, visit their official website.

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